Zoo Booty Puff Puff(tm) on Android phone
Zoo Booty Puff Puff™

Do you or your children chuckle at the sound of a fart?  Want to know what a zebra or monkey fart might sound like?  Do you like to make fart noises in a quiet elevator?  Do you like shaking your booty?

Well, then, this is the app for you! While this app won’t win any Nobel Peace Prize awards, Zoo Booty Puff Puff will make you and your children giggle uncontrollably like, well, children.

To use, simply swipe to your favorite zoo animal and tap or shake to hear the noise!

Use the "Shake Your Booty!" feature: Select an image, put the phone in your back pocket, and shake your booty to make it sound like you farted. Classy!

Zoo Booty Puff Puff(tm)


Almost certainly the best animal farting app for mobile devices!


Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nothing. On The House.  In other words, it's FREE!

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